How to Apply


Preparing before you apply will save you time and prevent errors.


1. Two recommendation letters 

2. Resume 

3. Statements


  • What does global public service mean to you and why do you desire a career in global public service?  This should NOT be the narrative statement that you submitted for admission to one of the SFS’s eight Master’s degree programs.  (1000 words maximum)


  • What or who inspired your commitment to global public service? (200 words maximum)

  • Describe a personal or organizational leadership challenge that you managed and the results you achieved. (200 words maximum)


  • What are your career aspirations for transformational global public service? (200 words maximum)


  • Is there additional information about you that you think the selection committee should know while considering your application? (200 words maximum)


11:59 PM, Friday, January 8, 2021 (EDT)

McHenry Fellowship

The Donald F. McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program seeks to enhance Georgetown University School of Foreign Service’s (SFS’) recruitment of exceptionally qualified graduate students from all communities within the US and globally who are committed to careers in transformational global public service. It is open to students accepted by any of the eight SFS Master’s degree programs and is conferred at the time of acceptance. [Read more]

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