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Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

Q: How many candidates will be selected as McHenry Fellows?

A: Five will be selected for the academic year beginning in Fall 2022 and five will be chosen for each subsequent academic year.


Q: Does the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program scholarship cover room and board and transportation from a fellow’s home to Georgetown University.

A:  Not at this time. For information on additional financial aid, the applicant should first consult with the leadership of the SFS Master’s degree program to which applying. In addition, the applicant should consider financial aid opportunities explained on the website of Georgetown University's Office of   

Student Financial Services.

Financing Graduate School:


Q: Does the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program require that an applicant enter government for global public service after completing an SFS Master’s degree?

A: While we expect that several McHenry Fellows will pursue careers in government service either in the US or in their home countries, the program does not require government service. We would encourage McHenry Fellows also to pursue careers, for example, in international organizations, international

development and relief organizations, NGOs serving the global community, nonprofit organizations devoted to public service, educational institutions, or research institutes focused on interrelated challenges, such as the impact of environmental degradation on wildlife and the resulting implications for pandemics.

Q: Am I eligible for the fellowship if I am pursuing a dual degree?

A: Dual degree applicants would be eligible for the McHenry Fellows Program provided they begin their GU graduate studies in Fall 2022 and use the McHenry scholarship only for course credits toward their SFS master's degree.  They may not use the McHenry scholarship for course credits toward any other degrees at Georgetown University or any other university.


The Application


Q: Do recommendation letters for the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program have to be from people other than those who submitted recommendations for the applicant’s admission to an SFS Master’s degree program?


A:  An applicant for the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program may ask for recommendations from those who wrote letters to support the applicant's admission to an SFS Master's degree program. The applicant should provide the recommenders information about the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program and ask the recommenders to explain why the applicant should be selected as a fellow.   

Q: Can I apply to the fellowship if I start in the spring semester?

A: The McHenry Fellows Program scholarship will not be available to students starting their studies in the spring semester of the academic year. The Program begins only in the Fall of academic year 2023-24. It includes a McHenry Fellowship mandatory core course that builds successively upon professional skills introduced as the course progresses. By starting graduate studies in the Spring of 2024, students would miss nearly half of the mandatory McHenry course, and that would defeat a key objective of the fellowship program  Students should consult with the leadership of the master program that granted them their deferrals to determine when they could begin studies in a Fall semester. They should then apply to compete for the McHenry Fellows Program for that fall semester.  

Q: Are SFS undergraduates in the SFS master’s 5-year accelerated program eligible for the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program?  


A: The McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program is designed as a post-undergraduate two-year master's degree program with mandatory professional skills development workshops and events to complement the fellows' formal academic graduate studies. Central to this design is the cohort experience allowing the fellows to build cumulatively together their professional skills over two years. The program is also designed for the fellows to draw from one another’s earlier diverse pragmatic experiences key lessons applicable to their own transformational global public service leadership career aspirations. The program comes with a scholarship. In those contexts, an undergraduate SFS master's 5-year accelerated student would not be eligible for the McHenry Global Public Service Fellows Program.

Q: I encountered technical difficulties when applying online. What should I do?


A: Please email


Q: How do I secure a student visa for study in the United States?


A: Georgetown University sponsors visas for students studying in our Full-time programs. The Office of Global Services (OGS) is your resource for all student visa issues and questions. They will help you navigate the I-20 process. Once an I-20 is issued, you must arrange a U.S. visa interview with your nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate.

Q: How does Georgetown University support undocumented students?


A: Georgetown University is committed to supporting undocumented students and the unique challenges they may face. Georgetown recently appointed our first full-time associate director, Arelis Palacios, for undocumented student services. In addition, Georgetown has a working group of faculty, staff and students who meet regularly to focus on supporting undocumented students. Georgetown has contracted with Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services to offer free legal advice to students interested in renewing DACA. 

President DeGioia will continue to support and advocate for federal efforts in support of the DACA initiative, the Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy (BRIDGE) Act, and the DREAM Act, federal legislation that would lead to a permanent path to legal permanent residency for undocumented students. 

Please visit the Georgetown Undocumented Student website, which is devoted to providing information about resources and guidance to undocumented students and prospective students.

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